Successful Options Trading

I have been investing in Stock options for a long period. While there are high risks involved the rewards are also very high. You get more than 3-4 times (300%) return on your return and you can also get $0 out of this. So I want you to be careful and invest only small amounts and test theoretically by watching some stock options before buying real ones.

I want to give a screen shot of my trade for 2012. This one of the best. I bought GILD options in Feb 2012 for 80 cents an option with target price of $70. Now in december it is giving me more than 300% return. Check out the screen shot from my real trading account. It is worth $365 each!

Here are some great option ideas for next year

GILT option

BAC Jan 2014 option with strike price $15 is 0.48 cents per option. You can buy 25-100 options

BAC Jan 2015 option with strike price $17 is 0.72. I would recommend buying 25 optios

good luck