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I will be start recommending some stocks; use at your own risk. If you make a profit let me know. This will be a daily update  (Always put a stop loss at 20% if the value decreases below 20% sell it)


Jan 2015 Updates

  • Kite Pharma Inc. KITE operates a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which focuses on the development and commercialization of novel cancer immunotherapy products. It is a 52 week high stock. good coverage. Recently signed a deal with Amgen. You can either buy the stock or you can try the options. Current price 71.45
  • CERU  Cerulean pharma clinical-stage company, develops nanopharmaceutical product candidates in the areas of oncology and other diseases. Promoted by a well known investor.  Price is 8.08
  • ENDP  endo ; buy 2016 option $100 target price for $3
  • ISIS buy price $71.93



Dec 2014 Updates


Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EGRX)  $15.50 on 12/31/2014

“a specialty pharmaceutical company, focuses on developing and commercializing injectable products primarily in the critical care and oncology”



Resonant Inc. (RESN)   $11.62 on 12/31/2014

a development stage company, focuses on creating filter designs for radio frequency (RF) front-ends in the mobile device industry.

VA (Virgin America)  $44.06

I enjoy traveling Virgin America; they are a different kind of airlines.  See how VA benefits from low oil prices here 

According to Barrons, this stock has the potential to move 45%.  Check the article here 

If you want to play options, buy the June 2015, $45 option for $6; low risk and good returns if it goes to $51 or above.


Previous Stock Recommendation


1.ZQK at $5.78 on 1/14/2013  closed on 12/2013 with 47% profit; here is the company info Quiksilver, Inc. designs, develops, produces, and distributes apparel, footwear, accessories, and related products.


Update on 12/27/2013 : todays price of ZQK is $8.51 we made 47% profit


1/30/2013 price is $6.41


2. MSON Price on 12/11/2012 – $7.49  1/30/2013  Sell for 7.82  (no profit)


Link to quote for MSON

This develops ultrasonic medical device products. Used in surgical procedures. I always like medical companies with innovative solutions. The one I made some money few years ago was ISRG which had a good run. I think this is the bottom of the market trading less than $8 and should be a good buy. May be some other big company will buy this one.


1/30 price is 7.82  –> sell


3. TROV – 5.73 dated 12/13/2012 (sold on 1/2013 for 8.54 50% profit)

This is a speculative stock; it can go either way big; can go to zero or give you good run like VRUS gave me last year ($7 to $140)

This is a a development stage molecular diagnostic company, focuses on developing and marketing urine-based nucleic acid tests for patient/disease screening and monitoring.

TROV update; todays price as of 1/15/2013 is $8.54 almost 50% return on the money; sell some and keep some for free (take out your cost with selling some portion)


4.  SGMO dated 1/15/2013 Price $8.23   12/30/2014  SGMO is $15.21   take profit and keep some

clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the research, development, and commercialization of zinc finger DNA-binding proteins

Update: SGMO price as of 1/30 is $9.54

Price as of 12/30/2013 is $14.04  –> sell some and get money back



5. BLRX added on 1/30/2013

BLRX price is $4.55

quote here


clinical stage biopharmaceutical development company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in identifying, in-licensing, and developing therapeutic candidates. Sell and make this break even



6. ACPW added on 2/7/2013

Price $4.87


Active Power, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, and markets critical power quality solutions. It provides various products that deliver continuous clean power; and protects customers from voltage fluctuation. Sell it at a slight loss and get out




iCAD, Inc. provides image analysis and workflow solutions that enable radiologists and other healthcare professionals to identify pathologies and pinpoint cancer earlier

Anything medical related which improves efficiency and reduce cost is a good investment.

Price on 2/14/2013 is $6.24


12/30/2013 price is $11.68; keep 50% and sell remaining 50%; now you own this stock for free



Happy trading