Today I had an interesting discussion with one of my relatives. I won’t mention their name but suffice to say it’s one of my older relatives. The topic of discussion was debt. During the course of our conversation I stated that I wanted to become more aggressive in getting out of debt. I wanted to buckle down even more and make some additional sacrifices so that we could be debt free sooner.

His response to me was “Why do you want to make sacrifices to get out of debt when debt is a normal part of life”. Well, that almost caused me to get on my soapbox and start pontificating, but I held back.

It is this mindset that is causing millions of people to continue to live with debt. They believe that having a car payment, or a credit card payment is just a normal part of life.

It is a normal part of life if you want to be like everybody else, living paycheck to paycheck and broke as heck.

He also said “What good is getting out of debt and making sacrifices to do so if you die the day after your are debt free”. I replied ” What about if I don’t die, then I will be alive and debt free.” I said. Here again is this mindset that we shouldn’t even attempt to be debt-free because the work needed to achieve such a goal may be wasted if we die.

I think it’s nuts that people view debt this way. Debt is not and should not be something “normal”. We need to change the way we view debt if we are ever going to be debt free and achieve financial peace.