Stocks I Like – Frequently updated

comm Stocks I Like   Frequently updatedI will be start recommending some stocks; use at your own risk. If you make a profit let me know. This will be a daily update  (Always put a stop loss at 20% if the value decreases below 20% sell it)

1.ZQK at $5.78 on 1/14/2013; here is the company info Quiksilver, Inc. designs, develops, produces, and distributes apparel, footwear, accessories, and related products.


Update on 12/27/2013 : todays price of ZQK is $8.51 we made 47% profit


1/30/2013 price is $6.41


2. MSON Price on 12/11/2012 – $7.49


Link to quote for MSON

This develops ultrasonic medical device products. Used in surgical procedures. I always like medical companies with innovative solutions. The one I made some money few years ago was ISRG which had a good run. I think this is the bottom of the market trading less than $8 and should be a good buy. May be some other big company will buy this one.


1/30 price is 7.82  –> sell


3. TROV – 5.73 dated 12/13/2012

This is a speculative stock; it can go either way big; can go to zero or give you good run like VRUS gave me last year ($7 to $140)

This is a a development stage molecular diagnostic company, focuses on developing and marketing urine-based nucleic acid tests for patient/disease screening and monitoring.

TROV update; todays price as of 1/15/2013 is $8.54 almost 50% return on the money; sell some and keep some for free (take out your cost with selling some portion)




4.  SGMO dated 1/15/2013 Price $8.23

clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the research, development, and commercialization of zinc finger DNA-binding proteins

Update: SGMO price as of 1/30 is $9.54

Price as of 12/30/2013 is $14.04  –> sell some and get money back



5. BLRX added on 1/30/2013

BLRX price is $4.55

quote here


clinical stage biopharmaceutical development company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in identifying, in-licensing, and developing therapeutic candidates. Sell and make this break even



6. ACPW added on 2/7/2013

Price $4.87


Active Power, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, and markets critical power quality solutions. It provides various products that deliver continuous clean power; and protects customers from voltage fluctuation. Sell it at a slight loss and get out




iCAD, Inc. provides image analysis and workflow solutions that enable radiologists and other healthcare professionals to identify pathologies and pinpoint cancer earlier

Anything medical related which improves efficiency and reduce cost is a good investment.

Price on 2/14/2013 is $6.24


12/30/2013 price is $11.68; keep 50% and sell remaining 50%; now you own this stock for free



Happy trading


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Introduction to Commodity Trading

comm Introduction to Commodity Trading

Commodities involve trading of raw products or physical goods. These products cover multiple foods, fuels, livestock and other precious metals that are being traded or exchanged. With the introduction to commodity trading, you are investing the future value of the product. It is just the same if you are trading cash or stock that is bought and sold in standardized contracts. In buying or selling commodities, you are trading the ownership of a product. Commodity trading influences the economy through helping in making public forecasts about future costs of goods. It also allows global investors to lose or make money. The typical example of this is the oil. This commodity is considered as the most widely watched good due to its irregular price changing.
Why do prices of commodities keep on changing? The cost of every good keeps on varying due to numerous factors. These factors include money supply, inflation and taxes. Other factors include weather, transportation and technologies. Commodities are classified into two types, and these are the following:
• Soft Commodities – These good cover agricultural products like sugar, coffee and coffee. The prices of these commodities are affected with cultural factors. Its supplies are also affected by weather, transportation, soil and insects.
• Energies – These commodities include natural gas and crude oil. Political and technological things affect its supply. As time passes by, the demands for these goods keep on rising. It is because energies are being used in countless activities.
Like stock market, commodity trading is quite faster. It is because investors can generate money a lot faster if excellent research, good instinct and quality product trading guidance involved. However, commodity trading doesn’t need multiple upfront investments.
How can you start trading commodities? In trading a commodity, you have to learn about trading strategies and the future contract specifications of every commodity. Commodities have similar premise just like other investments. As a businessman, you opt to buy low goods and sell them in high rates. If you are planning to participate in commodity trading, you should know what you are doing. With combined knowledge and sufficient trading skills, it would be easier for you to start a trading business with successful results.
Who are the players involved in commodity trading? As a part of the introduction to commodity trading, you also need to know the three distinct types of players in the markets. These are the commercials, large speculators and small speculators. Commercials pertain to the entities who engage in the creation, processing or merchandising of the goods. These players account for most of the trading in commodity markets. Large speculators, on the other hand, are a group of investors that combine their money altogether to minimize the risk and raise profits. Similar with mutual funds in the stock market, these large speculators have capital managers that create investment decisions in behalf of all investors. Also, small speculators are individual product traders who operate on their own accounts. Both large and small speculators are known for their skills of shaking up the commodity market.
What is the size of commodity markets? As stated by Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC, commodity markets are continuously expanding. The main reason of this is the global interest in national and regional commodity trends. Transactions take place between the seller and buyer wherein buyers take delivery of the traded goods. Highly leveraged financial goods or derivatives transactions standing in for physical contracts allow sellers and buyers to be cautious on physical goods or put financial stakes on trends.
Along with the introduction to commodity trading, you also need to study its different strategies. These commodity tactics help you in having a suitable approach to time your trades. Strategies for commodity trading often follow either a range break out methodology or trading method. You can also use the variations of both schemes, depending on your preference and market standing.
• Range Trading Method – This scheme requires buying the good at a bottom ranges and selling it at a top range. In this method, the commodity is oversold and its costs drop to rock bottom stages, and sellers target to sell an overbought commodity if its price reaches peak stage.
• Breakout Method – This method needs you to buy a good at a high level and sell it if the rates dwindle and create new lows. For easy tracking the low and high levels, checking graphical representations in multiple news and reports is advised.
Sticking to your exact strategy is also one of the useful commodity trading strategies that you should do. For novice traders, you should recognize the production of commodity cycles, especially food items. Since seasonal affects the main price of goods, you have to be more conscious about this market flow.
With the introduction to commodity trading, it would be easier for you to compete with other traders. Whether you are new to this business or not, you can have the knowledge and skills to improve your sales and acquire huge profits.

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Mutual Fund for Beginner

mmm Mutual Fund for Beginner

c408964 s Mutual Fund for Beginner

Mutual Funds for Beginner

Mutual Fund Primer

A mutual fund pool is an investment fund that is collated by various different investors and then invested into a portfolio that is constructed of various different securities based on what the investors’ request. A mutual fund company is normally known to invest in various different stocks, bonds, and money markets. In order for ownership to be claimed on these assets, the size of the investor’s stake in the fund will be taken into consideration.
An open end company
All mutual funds are open ended companies, legally and this is one of the three kinds of investment companies that are available to investors. The other two types of companies are unit investment trusts (UITs) and the close ended funds. The open ended company is one that is legally able to pool money from various different investors into one particular portfolio of all investments instead of putting each investment in a single portfolio for each investor. When this is done, an investor does not own the actual portfolio, instead they own shares in the portfolio.
When you invest in a mutual fund, you are basically buying shares in the investment portfolio. In mutual funds the pool will continue to grow in order for this particular portfolio to facilitate other investors. However, the mutual funds may opt to stop selling shares if they realize that the pool has gotten too big. As an investor, you have the option of buying and selling your shares through the mutual fund and there is no need to go through a broker or a secondary market.
Advantages of having a mutual fund
Having a mutual fund appears very attractive to some investors based on a variety of reasons. They come very affordable and all investors, no matter their level in the investing scheme. Therefore, as an investor you can find very low prices on the initial and subsequent purchases. These portfolios are also managed by professionals whose job it is to carry out research, choose the right investment for the funds, and to monitor the performance of the portfolio. When you opt to go with a mutual fund, you are also choosing to minimize your risk.
Disadvantages of mutual funds
Although there are numerous benefits to going with investing in a mutual fund, as with every investment markets there are a few drawbacks and the major one is that it has various different cost such as sales charges and annual fees that will be accrued no matter how your funds perform.
When you opt to invest in a mutual fund you can gain wealth as the stocks that you invest in grows. As a Wall Street investor, it is expected that there are some considerable amount of wealth to be gained from investing in a mutual fund.

For more information on this refer to Mutual Fundinfo.

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Twitter – Invest if you can afford

Twitter: Is this is a good investment or speculative investment?


Link to check price here

Twitter has a rough chart from IPO; but  the 52 weeks range is between 38.80 – 74.73


I bought some $65 2015 calls for $3.90 last month; now they are trading at $14 more than tripling my investment.


Now it may not be too late; it may be another stock which may go up to 200-300 range in 1-2 years. if you want to ride the wave and risk couple of  thousand dollars, buy the 2016 $100 calls at $7


Let us see what happens 6 months from now



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Option Ideas Barracuda Networks, Inc. (CUDA)

Check out

Barracuda Networks, Inc. (CUDA)

It is Merrill Lynch’s Best Technology Ideas for 2014

Top 2013 IPOs to See Major Volume Around Russell 2000 Index 

Jim Cramer’s 6 Stocks in 60 Seconds: MNST DECK MPC CUDA MKTO WFT



I would recommend buying options on this;

Get July 14 option   $35 at $7.20


You will break even if it goes above $42.20 by July. My guess is it will go above $50; if it goes for $50 then you double your amount.




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Successful Options Trading – How I made 343% on one option!

c167066 a Successful Options Trading   How I made 343% on one option!

I have been investing in Stock options for a long period. While there are high risks involved the rewards are also very high. You get more than 3-4 times (300%) return on your return and you can also get $0 out of this. So I want you to be careful and invest only small amounts and test theoretically by watching some stock options before buying real ones.

I want to give a screen shot of my trade for 2012. This one of the best. I bought GILD options in Feb 2012 for 80 cents an option with target price of $70. Now in december it is giving me more than 300% return. Check out the screen shot from my real trading account. It is worth $365 each!

Here are some great option ideas for next year

Capture Successful Options Trading   How I made 343% on one option!

BAC Jan 2014 option with strike price $15 is 0.48 cents per option. You can buy 25-100 options

BAC Jan 2015 option with strike price $17 is 0.72. I would recommend buying 25 optios

good luck

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Valuable Wealth Management Tips

c373355 a Valuable Wealth Management Tips

It is not enough to acquire a fortune; you must learn how to preserve it with wealth management tips. Using the proper wealth management tips, you will not only be able to save a great deal of money, you will be able to save up for your children and children’s children. It takes a great deal of patience and responsibility, but it will be beneficial in the long run.
Here are some tips to get you started.
Always keep in mind that money is impermanent. No matter how it seems to be overflowing now, if you do not learn how to manage it, it will eventually run out. You cannot always rely on a constant heavy influx. You’ve heard the saying, “Save for a rainy day.” The very first of wealth management tips is to imagine that tomorrow will be a rainy day.
When you have made that decision, set a concrete goal. This goal has to be realistic and attainable. “To save money” or make use of “wealth management tips” is not enough. You have to set specific objectives. For instance, if you have debts, they should take top priority on your list. Tackle your debts one by one. After that, you can set goals by determining a certain amount you want to have saved by the end of the month.
Make sure you know exactly how much you have. You will be unable to gauge your progress unless you are aware of your baseline. It will be easier to set a goal once you know how much you have to begin with. This sounds easier than it actually is. You may have more sources of wealth than what you have in your wallet and your bank account. Check your piggy bank, current bank balances from various accounts, and available credit balances. Also check unlikely places such as old bags, jewelry boxes, drawers, and even under the couch. Track assets such as jewelry, art, antiques, and real estate holdings. Some assets become more valuable with time, while others depreciate. Knowing the difference between the two allows you to make full use of your wealth management tips.
Know how much you are earning. Make an estimate of your average income, especially if you have more than a single source of income. It would also be helpful if you know how much you are making monthly. If you are an employee, include considerations such as overtime, night differentials, and other allowances.
Keep an accurate record of your daily expenses. This is one of the most important wealth management tips. You may be surprised to find out that a huge chunk of your money accumulates in little things such as parking tickets and snacks. This is all very well as long as you are keeping track. It is helpful to buy a small notepad to write down all your daily expenses.
Not only should you record your daily expenses, but you should also take note of your regular monthly expenses. These include water and electricity bills, debits, and expenditures from your credit card. Label these accordingly.
When you adhere to these wealth management tips, not only will you be aware of how much you are spending, you will be more conscious abut splurging on unnecessary items. When you see yourself meeting goals regularly, you will be even more motivated to make wise decisions when it comes to your finances.

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Gold Mutual Funds

c428773 s Gold Mutual Funds

Gold is one of the precious metals that have since the beginning has garnered itself a place on the top and despite its availability is still in huge demands. Thanks to the ever-growing gold obsession, several gold mutual funds have been brought on. Most of them invest in Gold fund because it is the best and smart way to make colossal investments.
Almost all of them are buying designer gold jewels, which are, nonetheless, attractive as it has been for centuries. Although acquiring a hoard of designer jewelry is magnificent, it gnaws one’s mind regarding its safety. To keep the precious metals safe, the first option you might come upon is the neighborhood bank, which in turn calls for a check on their security, financial status and the service charges that they may charge for their services provided. But instead of accumulating jewelry, the best way to make huge investment is by buying bullion gold’s, such as, gold bars and coins. There are other gold investments that the traders and investors use, they are, Options, Futures, Commodities Contracts.
Importance of Gold ETFs
Gold mutual funds are the best way for a long term investment and an equally admirable substitute to safekeeping and holding gold bullions is Gold EFTs. Gold EFTs are exchange traded funds that are bought and sold as any stocks at the price tag that is close to the price of the gold sold at that moment. They could be bought and sold at any time the investor or trader wanted at the usual market trading hours. Exciting as it is, there are a couple of things that one should keep an eye out for. Some are on the thought that Gold ETF is identical to the other commodities bought and sold but that is far from the truth.
Few of them will have their own bullion whereas others will trade in based on the then gold futures contracts. And there is another set of group who has access to both bullion and futures and as time favors, lean in on the side that shows profit. Nonetheless, gold ETFs are the best gold mutual funds which also comprises of non-gold stocks and bonds.
Gold Ornaments
Unlike gold bullions, gold jewelry does not bring about any ready cash when required. In case of an emergency, gold ornaments do not get sold immediately; this can’t be said for gold coins and bars. The reasons could be ample, the buyer may not like the content of the jewelry or the workmanship or simply don’t like the style. Owing to these reason, you either end up selling the trinkets for a lower price than it is worth or not at all. The main reason why a trinket is top rated is because when you buy a stylish piece of jewelry, you pay for the store’s security, insurance and other amenities whilst gold bars and coins do not have these amenities. To come upon the best gold mutual funds, it is always wise to consult competent certified financial advisor.

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Money Market

c373355 s Money Market
You just have options which are limited in your local banks and a number in the national banks if you desire of the best money market rates. Nowadays, you will be able to find money rates in the host of the banks all around the nation because of the emergence of the online banking and online shopping. These sites could be used for comparison in case you are looking for the best money market rates. Because of the competition that is getting fierce, the banks would even try harder to earn your choice. And at that point, you can use this knowledge as an advantage in getting the best money market rates.
Determining Money Market Rates
You may ask this question – how will money market rates be determined? Well, let’s start with the fact that the money market accounts are savings accounts which are turbo charged. You will be able to earn almost the same interest rate and at the same time you could write checks coming from them but only for a limited number. Although the return in the money market accounts is not that high as compared to the certificates of deposit (CDs), it would still be of convenience. When it comes to the money market accounts, you can withdraw the amount of money you need whenever you need it. Hence, the bank would be giving you lesser interest.
Just like the CDs, the money market rates are changing daily. There is no formula and co clear all-time winner whenever you look for a bank that would be providing you with the highest rates. Luckily, the sites which give you banking rate comparisons would allow you to compare the current market rates between the banks. At the same time, you are given the details with regard to the specific terms like the number of checks you could write or even the minimum balance (if there is) that you will be needing before you will be charged with a fee every month. The usual case would let you invest as low as $1000. Unless you go below that amount, you will not be charged with a monthly fee. As brought by the nature of the market accounts, there is a legal limit on the number of checks that could be written within the month.
Furthermore, the maximum rates which are given to the money market accounts are part of the advertisements and are in the account paperwork as the Annual Percentage Yield or popularly known as APY. In order to get the APY, the holder of the account must leave the principal deposit as well as the interest which were earned by the account. In this way, the interests are permitted of earning interest as well. This is what is referred to as compounded interest.
Opening of a Money Market Account
In frequent times, any credit union or bank would be requiring the lowest possible amount of balance to open a money market account. This required balance must be maintained in producing interest. The account owner must complete the verification process of the requirement of the minimum balance in making sure that the bank would continue to produce the highest market rates.
Henceforth, the holder of the account must be able to follow the federal policies and regulations. These policies serve as a guarantee that there will be no costs that will be charged to your account. Any costs that would be charged could possibly affect the capacity of the account holder in getting the highest rates of the money market that has been advertised in favor of the said account. The said costs could include Regulation D fees, monthly service fees and transaction charges.
Because there is the possibility that the money market rates could change, the holders of the accounts must continue in verifying other banks and credit unions in order to find the best rates that are being offered. The accounts could be closed and the owners have the freedom to transfer their money into another account without incurring penalties. It is just that the account holder must move the funds only after any interest earned have been posted into his or her account.
So, which would you choose? Would it be money market account or the CDs? This question would be usually asked because the two has many similarities. If you will not need an access into your account for quite some time, the CDs would be paying a higher rate. But if you need to write checks in a flexible manner, have access to your funds in an instant manner and you want an interest rate of a savings account that is competitive, you have to choose money market account.
The money market account is a low risk and a safe way of investing your funds while you are given the freedom in accessing your money anytime you need it.

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Auto Trading and make some extra cash

Do you know you can auto trade and make some money? I have tried Market Neutral Options and it has given good return on an average. You do not need to do anything. Just sign up here and the system will auto trade for you. It has a free 30 day trial

Good luck

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millionaire matchmaker

Did you watch this in Bravo TV? here is the link

You must watch to learn about lot of self made millionaires in this show.

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How to make profit in real estate in this market Using Notes

165px Assorted international currencies How to make profit in real estate in this market Using Notes

profit from notes buy, sell

Now is the best time to make money with notes; find out how a novice bought a note for $2000 which returns a monthly payment of $200 for 9 years

Easy and proven method

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Find Out What 95%+ Of All Real Estate Investors Will Never Know About How To Broker & Buy Notes aka Buying Defaulted Mortgages From Banks

Get your notes business off the ground and make profit every day.
Get in to the emerging business with not much competition!

Tips on talking to the bank and get the best deal on notes.
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Real Life case studies
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Special topic sessions
Interview with industry veterans
Members only forum and much more…..

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